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the fifth largest island in Greece, an island that pleasantly surprises the visitor with the changes of the landscape, the crystal clear waters, the medieval villages, the wild beauty, the fragrant mastic and its fertile plain!


Experience Chios island


Wander the fertile and mansion plain of Chios with its narrow streets and huge stone walls.


Visit the famous mastic villages, you will find them in the south of Chios and they smell mastic. Pyrgi, Mesta, Vessa, Armolia, Nenita and Patrika. The walk in the streets is magic, also in August in the surrounding estates you will see the weeping trees and the collection of precious mastic crystals.


Meet the story behind the mastic tree, a low shrub with spread twigs and bent trunk, it is the tree that "wound" or "embroider" and it "tears", generously offering its precious resin. The gentle, fragrant and expensive product is produced exclusively on the island of Chios, cultivated since the 1st century AD on the island and tradition says that the ropes began to cry when Saint Isidore was slayed from the Romans.Το ευγενικό, ευωδιαστό, αλλά συνάμα πανάκριβο προϊόν παράγεται αποκλειστικά στο νησί της Χίου, καλλιεργείται από τον 1ο αιώνα μ.Χ. στο νησί και η παράδοση λέει πως οι σχίνοι άρχισαν να δακρύζουν, όταν μαρτύρησε ο Άγιος Ισίδωρος από τους Ρωμαίους.


Visit "Mystra" of the North Aegean, Anavatos. An uninhabited tower of stone, set over the forest, hanging by the cliff. A monument of special importance for the island's history!

Be impressed by the thundering custom of Easter in Vrontados that takes place on the night of the Resurrection between two churches in Vrontados, Chios.

Discover the amazing natural beauty of Northern Chios following the route Kardamyla - Nagos - Amades - Viki - Kampia - Kipouries - Diefcha - Volissos. The scenery around the highest mountain, Pelinaio, is breathtaking, the villages are picturesque and many dirt roads will lead you to hidden deserted pristine beaches.

Things to see!

Things to do!



Chios is a hidden paradise for those who wish to swim in its waters, feel the Aegean breeze and discover its hidden beaches. With privately owned or rented boats, they organize their own trip to neighboring islands, diving into hard-to-reach coves with crystal clear waters.

Diving & snorkeling

Chios is one of the ten best diving spots in Europe due to its fascinating seabed with caves and colorful reefs and the exceptional clarity of its waters. Diving is an activity that anyone can have direct access to, whether a beginner or an expert on the subject.


Chios is one of the few islands that, due to its size, its rich natural and cultural landscapes and the variety of routes it offers, is suitable for the use of bicycles. There are organized clubs that often plan from simple leisurely walks in various locations of the island to organized sports activities. For mountain biking lovers there are various (non-organized) routes on the island, such as Provatas, Nea Moni, Agioi Pateres, Anavatos, Retsinadika, Pelinnaeo etc. for a more extreme experience.

The aromatic dishes of Chios gastronomy

The culinary wealth of Chios, in addition to the famous mastiha, includes cheeses such as mastelo, citrus fruits such as mandarin, ouzo and aromatic liqueurs, excellent quality wines, fresh beer, Chios spoon sweets and honey with its characteristic aroma of citrus fruits.

Night Life

Cafeterias, taverns and bars offer many options for relaxing and fun in Chios. The night life of Chios is concentrated mainly in the city center where there are bars in the port and in the narrow streets of the city that remain open until the morning hours. Sophisticated music, original cocktails and interesting events give color to the summer evenings on the island. An important element of summer entertainment are the traditional festivals, which are a meeting point for the locals and the visitors of the island.